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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Photos of day walk in Hidden Valley on Dhaulagiri Circuit trek

Our 2010 Dhaulagiri Circuit group spent two nights camping in Hidden Valley and luckily there was far less snow compared to when Gary's group stayed there in October last year. As a result there were a number of options for day walks to explore the area, most of the group decided to walk down Hidden Valley whereas I had my eye on a ridge overlooking camp on the western side (see red arrow indicating this ridge in photos below).

As hopefully the photos show, this is a really good walk with superb views over to the Nilgiri and Annapurna ranges also back to Dhaulagiri and French Pass as well as looking down Hidden Valley. I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to find an easily walkable viewpoint in Hidden Valley, we plan to incorporate this walk into our Dhaulagiri Circuit itinerary for April and May 2011 departures.

Photo: ridge on western side of Hidden Valley
Photo: as above
Photo: Hidden Valley camp
Photo: Mount Dhaulagiri and French Pass
Photo: Mount Tukuche
Photo: view from top of ridge looking down Hidden Valley
Photo: view from top of ridge over to Nilgiris and Annapurna
Photo: view down into Hidden Valley
Photo: top of the ridge
Photo: view east from the ridge

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Great Photos Roland-looks amazing

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