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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Summit push on Makalu!

This message was written on May 16th shortly before we headed up for our final summit push although was never published on the blog, I have included below for completeness:

Following my last dispatch the weather has improved and the recent forecasts suggest that the late May summit window is finally here!

The Basque team set off up the West Ridge/ Pillar yesterday and this morning Spanish Carlos and Hose Marias left Base Camp for their summit attempt.

Tomorrow Mick and myself will also leave for a summit push dates as follows Camp 1 May 17th, Camp 2 Makalu La May 18th, High Camp 19th and summit 20th.

I understand that the large Indian team from HMI Darjeeling will also move up tomorrow, however as they using supplemental oxygen they might go direct from the Makalu La to the summit.

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