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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Garden of Dreams at Keshar Mahal in Kathmandu

The Garden of Dreams at Keshar Mahal is located on the edge of the busy Thamel tourist area, however once you walk through the door into these gardens you are taken to a calm oasis away from the mayhem of modern Kathmandu.

The gardens and six pavilions were constructed in 1920s by Field Marshal General Kaiser Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana, however after his death in 1964 fell into decline and returned to jungle. In 1998 during the Visit Nepal year there were only two pavilions standing and at the last minute the decision was made to save the gardens and remaining pavilions. The project was taken on by an Austrian NGO Eco Himal and the gardens opened in 2006.

If you are visiting Kathmandu I recommend you take time to visit (the entrance fee is only 160 rupees), within the grounds there is also the Kaiser bar and restaurant operated by Dwarikas hotel group.

Photo: Entrance on Tridevi Marg

Photo: view of Basanta pavilion

Photo: view of Basanta pavilion with pond

Photo: statue of Laxshmi

Photo: statue of elephants

Photo: Kaiser restaurant

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