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Monday, 21 November 2011

Selected photos of Lunana Snowman trek in Bhutan (September 2011)

I have added below a selection of photos from The Mountain Company's 2011 Lunana Snowman trek in Bhutan:

Photo: Taktsang (Tiger's nest) monastery near Paro

Photo: Mount Chomolhari

Photo: Mount Jitchu Drake

Photo: herd of blue sheep

Photo: approach to Ngele La

Photo: Lingshi camp

Photo: Lingshi dzong (damaged from recent earthquake)

Photo: camp below Tiger mountain

Photo: Laya village

Photo: women dancing in Laya village

Photo: view from Karchung La (entry into Lunana)

Photo: summit of Karchung La at 5.240m

Photo: valley near Tarina

Photo: lake near Kesha La

Photo: camp near Lhedi village

Photo: view of Lunana valley

Photo: farmhouse in Thanza village

Photo: wall paintings in Thanza

Photo: cordyceps sinesis (caterpillar fungus)

Photo: Lunap woman

Photo: camp near Tshorim lake

Photo: yaks near Tshorim lake

Photo: valley near Gwechewoma

Photo: view from Phorang La to Mischugang camp

Photo: Worithang camp

Photo: yaks carrying our gear

Photo: forest and waterfally near Dur Tsachu

Photo: our wonderful crew at the end of the trek

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