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Monday, 5 April 2010

How to get your green TIMS trekking permit in Kathmandu

If you are planning to go on an independent trek in Nepal then you are required to have a green TIMS trekking permit valid for individual trekkers (group trekkers need a blue TIMS card).

I have just obtained my green TIMS card for a trek to Langtang so thought that I would explain what is required to help speed up the process for you. You need to go to Nepal Tourist Board (NTM) near Tundikel, you will find the TIMs counter inside this building. Get a TIMS form and complete, it is worth pointing out that you will need the followimg items and information:

- two passport photos
- one photocopy of your passport (you can get one in the library at NTB)
- US$20 (at current exchange rate I paid just under 1.500 rupees)
- your trekking route with start and end dates (it is a good idea to have a map or guidebook so that you can name the main villages and places on your route)
- telephone number for someone you know in Nepal
- telephone number for your next of kin from back home
- your insurance details (compamy name, policy number and emergency telephone number)

This afternoon I got my green TIMS card in about 15 minutes so it was pretty easy and surprisingly no queues! The green TIMS trekking permit is valid for 30 days from date of entry.

Roland Hunter

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