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Monday, 8 March 2010

Everest climbing season Spring 2010

Photo: Everest summit at 8,848m

2010 Everest climbing season is coming up fast with most teams planning to arrive in Kathmandu towards the end of March. There are teams attempting to climb Mount Everest from both Nepal and Tibet this year however plans several people had for Everest traverses have not been allowed to go ahead by the Chinese authorities.

If you would like to follow the various teams progress on Everest for Spring 2010 then I suggest you take a look at Explorersweb and Alan Arnette’s site.

I wish everyone climbing on Everest the best of luck and a safe climb! If you are interested in visiting Base Camp then please take a look The Mountain Company’s website for our Everest Base Camp treks scheduled for March, April, October, November and December.

Roland Hunter

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Colin said...

I too would like to wish everyone who intends climbing Everest this spring a good safe climb.

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