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Monday, 9 February 2009

Best of Kendal Mountain Film Festival 2009

On March 24th Porters Progress UK ("PPUK") is organising the best of the Kendal Mountain Film Festival at the Royal Geographical Society in London. I am sure this will be an interesting evening and well worth attending, I would definitely go myself although will be in Nepal by then!

For those of you not aware of this charity, PPUK does a great job in raising awareness of issues relating to the safety and welfare of porters and to support projects in the Nepal Himalaya and other mountain ranges.

If you would like further information take a look at Porters Progress UK's website, I have also copied below the email I received from Porters Progress UK about the Best Of Kendal Mountain Film Festival 2009:

Kendal Mountain Film Festival is one of the best film festivals in the world and each November showcases a breathtaking collection of the greatest adventure films from across the globe. For the third year, Porters Progress UK proudly presents the highlights of the festival at London's prestigious Royal Geographical Society.

This year films will be presented by Royal Television Society award-winner, TV producer, and eco-adventurer Andy Pag, who in 2008 drove a chocolate-powered truck from London to Timbuktu and in 2008 launched the Grease to Greece Rally where teams have to drive across Europe powered only by waste vegetable oil that they scavenge from burger bars along the way. Andy lays claim to the first carbon-negative expedition so now his reputation as a tree-hugger and petrol-head sit comfortably together.

Roland Hunter

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