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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Snow leopard cub filmed for first time by BBC Natural History Unit

A wild snow leopard cub has been caught on camera for the first time in the Bhutan Himalaya. The cub was filmed investigating a camera trap set up by BBC Natural History film crew, they believe that the cub had been left near the camera while its mother snow leopard went hunting. To view some of this video please click on link below:

Baby snow leopard filmed in wild mountains of Bhutan

The same BBC film crew also found tigers living high in the Himalaya for the first time. The hope is that it may be possible to use the Himalaya mountain range as a wildlife corridor to link up the fragmented populations across South Asia. To view some of this video please click on link below:

Lost tiger population discovered in Bhutan mountain

The Mountain Company is organising the Lunana Snowman trek in Bhutan during September/ October 2011. This trail traverses the Bhutan Himalaya crossing many high passes including the area near where this footage was filmed, for more information on our Lunana Snowman trek

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